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Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates Inc. is one of the country’s leading talent agencies.


With over 60 years of serving the entertainment industry, KMR has consistently been ranked by the Los Angeles Business Journal in the top 15 of all talent agencies.


Facing an ever changing entertainment landscape, KMR remains committed to the fulfillment of the ambitions and dreams of its clients with passion, integrity, and personalized attention.

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With over sixty years in Los Angeles and almost twenty years in New York, KMR sets the industry standard with a familial attention and care to its clients.


Boasting over twelve departments across two coasts, KMR can become a home to help you become the actor and professional that you have dreamt of being.

In an industry that changes with every passing minute, bring agents onto your team that will work for you and help you navigate the ups and downs with the highest caliber of professionalism and care.


Take your career to new heights with KMR.

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