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If you’ve ever watched Tv or listened to the radio in the United States over the last two decades, then you’ve definitely have heard Rodd Houston’s voice.  A voiceover professional for over 25 years, Rodd has leant his voice to every aspect of the industry from Commercials to Narrations to Political to Promo to Trailer, etc.  A Philadelphia native when he’s not working there’s a good chance you’ll find him cheering on his beloved Eagles or 6ers in person or from home.  With near limitless range, Rodd continues to grow his VO resume each day he gets on mic Past Clients include (but not limited to): NBA, ESPN, Fox, ABC, Toyota, TNT, AEW, PBS, National Geographic, CW, AMC, TVone, FS1, ACC CNN, Judge Mathis, Verizon

10 interesting facts:

  • Rodd Houston was born on September 7th, 1973.

  • Rodd Houston has a degree in communications from Temple University.

  • Rodd Houston is married to Jennifer Houston, a singer and songwriter.

  • Rodd Houston has two children: a son named Jaden and a daughter named Jazmine.

  • Rodd Houston is fluent in Spanish and can also speak some French and Italian.

  • Rodd Houston has won several awards for his voiceover work, including the Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Narration Demo Reel in 2019.

  • Rodd Houston is a fan of comic books and superheroes. He has voiced characters such as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wolverine in various projects.

  • Rodd Houston is also a musician and plays the guitar, piano, and drums.

  • Rodd Houston has a podcast called “The Voiceover Show” where he interviews other voice actors and industry professionals.

  • Rodd Houston is involved in several charitable causes and supports organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and UNICEF.

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