On-Camera Commercials

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The Commercial Department, representing all types of actors from 18 on up, is well known and highly respected as the first commercial agency in Los Angeles. In 2019, KMR opened a commercial department in its New York office dedicated (as is the LA office) to seeking opportunities for talent solely under the auspices of SAG-Aftra contract work. With a fiercely dedicated roster and team backing it, we have booked countless national spots with the largest advertisers out there. Odds are if you are watching commercials, you are watching KMR in action. 


Tracey Goldblum

Vice President and Co-Head of New York On-Camera Commercials

Doug Kesten

Vice President and Co-Head of New York On-Camera Commercials

Jamie Hernandez

Head of LA On-Camera, LA Agent

Valerie Chiovetti

LA Agent

Los Angeles

Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates
The Academy Tower
5200 Lankershim Boulevard
Suite 820
Los Angeles, CA
T: 818.769.9111
F: 818.279.0606

New York

Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates
World’s Tower Building
110 W 40th Street
Suite 1801
New York, NY
T: 212.582.7572
F: 212.582.7448

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