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Social Awareness

There is a responsibility that falls upon the entertainment industry, to portray the world around us as truthfully and honestly as possible. Here at KMR, we strive to do just that. We don’t shy away from the hard questions – we ask them head on.

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We understand at KMR that having difficult conversations is the only way to truly change. And that is why we host KMR Town Halls: a space for our clients to talk together about the injustices of our world and how that may translate to an actor’s space in the room, at rehearsal, or on set. We encourage an open-door policy between our agents and clients. If any of our clients are mistreated at a job for any reason, we will continue doing what we do best – working for the actor, ensuring that they have what they need to be safe and comfortable doing what they love.

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To KMR, agenting and advocating go hand-in-hand, and that could not be truer for its Diversity Department. Representing over 500 actors with different physical and cognitive abilities, this department is KMR’s statement to Hollywood and true legacy to the agency.


President Mark Measures remarks: “My ultimate goal is that I don’t want the department to exist. I want everybody to just see actors as actors, so that someday we can eliminate the department.” But until then, KMR’s Diversity Department will continue to fiercely represent their clients in order to get their stories told.


Inclusion Matters by Shan Inspiration Logo

KMR is proud to be charity partners with Shane’s Inspiration, an organization dedicated to eliminating bias for children with disabilities, through the building and maintaining of inclusive playgrounds. Read more about their work at

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